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Peter Bachmann Stiftung

Peter Bachmann Foundation

Wässerwiesenstr. 67f
8408 Winterthur

Telefon: +41 52 741 51 11
Adresse e-mail:peterbachmann1656@gmail.com
Interlocuteur: Dr. Peter Bachmann

Les Thèmes

The Peter Bachmann Foundation was founded by Dr. Peter Bachmann and lies under Swiss federal and cantonal law.

Aim and goals
Execution and financing of projects in developing countries in a personal respectful and responsible manner.

The foundation finances both small and medium sized projects. The basic idea is to help helping themselves and improve the self-responsibility and independence. There are no political or missionary aims. We take care of the human honor of the receivers. We respect the cultural roots and traditions, we take into account the existing ways of thinking and capabilities and try to realise customized solutions.

Characterisation of the projects
Geography: Asia (Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India), Africa (Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda)
Purpose: construction (mainly houses), agriculture, help to help themselves, medical treatment, education

• Educational help: Education is an important step in the fight against poverty, especially for the men of the low caste. The Peter Bachmann Foundation supports and encourages the population to realise that through education it is possible to develop new perspectives and achieve a new self-confidence.
• Assisting towards self help and community projects: In principle this foundation does not see itself as merely handing out charity to the needy, but rather, invests in carefully planned and thought through sustainable projects which lead to self-help. But there are sometimes cases where individual people need fast and efficient help.
• Medical Care: Helping the invalid, when the government itself is paralysed. In Sri Lanka the costs for health are not completely covered by the government. The economic consequences which arise from this situation are also very difficult for the government to solve. It is here that the foundation tries to help. Education and medical development are important aspects of the Foundation´s work. If disease can be recognised earlier it is easier to treat.
• Accomodation and infrastructure: Housing is the centrepiece of the Bachmann Foundation. The Foundation only delivers the start capital. Then the residents can take their future into their own hands.
• House Construction in Ethiopia / Lalibela
• Fountain project in Ghana / Nuaso
• Construction of a water pipe in Kenia

Dr. Peter Bachmann is the Founder and Manager of the Peter Bachmann Foundation.

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