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Mati NGO

67/1 S.A. Sarker Road
Sankipara, Mymensingh

Phone No.: +880 91 65 5 65; +880 1552 435520, +880 1712 778844
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Contact person: Andrea Rahaman


Mati is an independent non-governmental organisation (NGO) working in the north of Bangladesh since 1997. We develop projects focusing on self-defined community development which we plan and implement together with the local population.
Mati specialises in poverty reduction, women empowerment and human rights

Our Vision
Mati envisions a world free from poverty and injustice. We want a life in dignity for all human beings, regardless of sex, colour or creed...

Mati wants:
• To eradicate poverty through self-defined, sustainable development.
• To guarantee access to the most basic human necessities:
safe drinking water & sanitation
medical care
basic training and education
food, clothes, shelter
• To empower the weakest links of society, especially women, but also all others, who are marginalized, such as beggars, landless, disabled people, religious or other minorities.
• To offer Help for Self-Help. Our ultimate goal is for our people to achieve independence, so that they do not need our programs any more, because they can manage on their own.
• To raise awareness on human rights issues. Through continuous awareness training, we help people to become aware of their most basics rights, so they cannot be exploited so easily on account of their ignorance.
• To provide practical ad-hoc support in times of crisis and disaster.
• To promote peace and non-violence even in times of conflict. We want to contribute towards a peaceful society, where opposing opinions can be voiced and discussed without fear.

• Mati School: One of the very first interventions in the project area Huzurikanda was the construction and the development of the Mati School since 1999.
• Millenium Village: Harguzirpar is 8km out of Mymensingh on the road to Azmotpur. There are about 300 households in the village, 70% of the poor or extreme poor. The village should become a good practice example to illustrate how self-defined development could be the way to get closer to achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals. At the beginning of our work in 2009, the villagers have set their priorities for improvement in the village: Improving the sanitation, education for the children, and income generation possibilities for the women were top of their list. Within the last years, many things have started to change in Harguzirpar.
• AsharAlo – Ray of Hope: School Scholarships for mostly female students from extremely poor households.
• Mati Seed Bank and Eco Village Huzurikanda: Maintaining food sovereignty and biodiversity
• IDAEP - tailor-made development concepts for the extremely poor
• Poronto Bella – “Sunset”: Together we developed the idea of promoting minimum basic care for the elderly
• Sunshine: Blindness prevention, treatment and rehabilitation

Andrea Rahaman is the Creative Director of Mati.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work. We also accept volunteers.


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