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Europäische Gesellschaft für gesundes Bauen und Innenraumhygiene (EGGBI)

European Society for healthy building and indoor air quality e.V.

Am Bahndamm 16
93326 Abensberg

Phone No.: +49 09443700169
Fax No.: +49 09443700171
Contact person: Josef Spritzendorfer


The European Society for healthy building and indoor air quality (EGGBI) was founded in early 2014.

The EGGBI has set itself the following tasks:
• to gather new knowledge on the topic of residential health (see discussion page and research)
• to provide environmentally-aware builders with free initial advice.
• to provide consumer protection on residential health issues - professional support for consumers in the event of claims for damages
• to support parents and teachers in pollutant situations in schools
• to discuss and/or clarify open scientific questions by coordinating research projects in collaboration with construction companies, builders, planners, medical and scientific institutions, and, if possible, to participate in research projects
• to sensitize political bodies, health insurance companies and companies through comprehensive public relations work and by producing publications on residential health issues and sustainability - especially with regard to the public recognition of environmental allergies, diseases and chemical sensitivity, and accessibility for those who are ill through environmental causes.
• To raise awareness and support the construction industry in the area of training, lectures, guest lectures at universities and accompanying diploma theses on the topic of residential health (example: Master's course in timber construction for architects FH Rosenheim, Mastercurs WINGS, University of Wismar). Expert support for consumers in the event of claims for damages.

• "Healthy" building EGGBI - free information and advice portal focussing on preventive measures related to the sensitivities of allergic persons, environmentalists and young families who increasingly want products that are not harmful to health.

Josef Pritzendorfer is Managing Director of the European Society for Healthy Building and Indoor Air Quality (EGGBI).

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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