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Quilombo "Eine Welt"

Verein und -Weltladen

Schillingstr. 7/Ecke Reisewitzer Str.
01159 Dresden

Phone No.: +49 351/4221123
Fax No.: +49 351/4221123
Contact person: Hänel, Carola


Justice spreads at a snail’s pace; we want to help it along!

Quilombo is an old Brazilian word for the villages founded in Brazil by escaped African slaves. For us, it signifies solidarity with the oppressed of this “one world”. Our organisation seeks to draw attention to unfair world trade structures by selling fair trade goods (food and handicrafts from cooperatives and collectives in Africa, Latin America and Asia). We use these goods as a way to appeal to the hearts and minds of those of us who are materially richer. We wish to provide ourselves and others with food for thought about critical consumption (politics through the shopping basket).

If you pay fair prices, you can keep your charity handouts!

It is even more important, however, to raise awareness and pose questions about political, social and economic problems. The majority of our members are volunteers who use their energy and knowledge to try to interest consumers in background information about the goods they buy.

A coordinator, working partly on a voluntary basis, is responsible for educational, social and publicity matters. Working mainly in the mornings, evenings and at weekends, she is in charge of educational and ecological policy, organising events for kindergarten children, school pupils,
apprentices, students, teachers, towns and private family occasions. We want to appeal to all the senses, so that hearts should be opened to the traditions and cares of the other people with whom we share this Earth, and minds begin to ponder, compare, doubt and reconsider habits. The public topic evenings held at our headquarters from October to April are devoted to this cause, and from May to September we are present at festivities in and around Dresden with our conspicuous, thought-provoking stands.

The Quilombo in West Dresden can be reached by the 6, 7 and 12 tram, or the 61, 63, 90, A and 333 bus, stopping at ‘Tharandter Straße’. We are the oldest fair trade store in the city of Dresden. The original shop, in West Dresden, opened its doors on the final day of the DDR – 2nd October 1990. The central branch (on the Neustädter Elbseite in the foyer of the Dreikönigskirche, Hauptstraße 23, Stadtteil Innere Neustadt), opened on World Peace Day – 1st September 1993.

The work is shared by about 10 people working weekly, numerous unpaid helpers and about 130 sustaining members, thus achieving development awareness irrespective of turnover. Trainees and people on community service can also experience a formative time with us.

On request, we can offer other net participants overnight accommodation. We can give advice, organise group events, and provide up to date information and contacts in the field of „one world“ work. In addition we can show people around Dresden and acquaint them with the quality of life in Eastern Germany.


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