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nextB - Initiative für gebrauchte Büromöbel

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Windmühlenweg 22
95030 Hof

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Contact person: Harald Prokscha


Attempts by companies to sell their used furniture to social or non-profit organisations are often unsuccessful. This is often because there are no contact persons, or because the organisation does not know its needs, or because tables, cabinets and chairs can not be picked up at short notice. But probably still more often the organisations looking for a furniture donation remain unsuccessful. Because how can they know which company has furniture to donate?

The initiators of the first German-wide office furniture procurement platform experienced this problem themselves and founded nextB, a non-commercial furniture portal which is exclusively for non-profit institutions. Through the portal, schools, kindergartens and non-profit organizations such as associations and cooperatives gain access to free used furniture, usually for self-collectors.

Our work
• The nextB initiative publicises information about office furniture which has been made available as a donation by companies throughout the country.
• For this purpose, we look for social or non-profit institutions in need of these office furniture donations.
• We also look for other companies who want to donate their used office furniture.
• In addition, we would like to bring a little light to the darkness of furniture disposal and thus hope to contribute to a better environmental balance.
• In-kind donations are awarded exclusively to social and non-profit organisations
• nextB works on a non-profit basis

In our blog we also address these topics:
• How much office furniture is scrapped in Germany every year?
• What is the environmental impact?
• Where to dispose of furniture?
• How to repair furniture?
• Videos + tips + books

The "B" in "nextB" stands for various important terms beginning with "B" in German, such as:
• Office
• Owner
• Benefit (value added)
• Charity

On request we can offer other net participants overnight accommodation. We can also give advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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