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Verein Bienenschule Schweiz

Hinterhörnli 1
8496 Steg im Tösstal

Phone No.: +41 (0) 79 263 96 50; +41 (0) 76 605 13 45
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Contact person: Jonas Linder


The South Glarus Bee School (Der Verein Bienenschule Glarus Süd) was founded in Schwändi GL in Autumn 2009. 2013 saw the dissolution of the temporary location in Diesbach, Betschwanden. Due to the intensification of the activities and the reorientation to an interregional as well as location-dependent operation, the association was renamed the Swiss Bee School (Bienenschule Schweiz).

Our Association provides information on nature and the importance of the natural cycles. We expect to make a lasting contribution to protecting our environment.
• A study of bees can tell us a great deal about the natural world.
• Especially children and also interested adults should get to know their environment better. On guided tours, school classes and families will be informed about the connections between our ecosystems.
• Many interesting and important facts can be learned effortlessly and painlessly by presenting them through play.
We also use our experience elsewhere:
• We accompany projects in the nature conservation area and assist various groups with professional questions on the bee world.
• Be it with presentations, the realization of projects, inquiries from pupils or students - we are happy to help and, if necessary, pass people on to specialists.
In addition to the honey bees, the wild bees will continue to be the focus of the bee school.
• Although they do not give honey, they are just as important pollinators as honeybees. They too do not have it easy - dwindling nesting places and a reduced food supply mean that more and more wild bee species are becoming extinct.
• They neither have a lobby nor does it feature large in the newspapers if one of the 580 species in Switzerland should disappear.
• Action second home Glarnerland - helping wild bees to nest: A clever idea ensures a "win-win" situation in many ways. With the action "Second home Glarnerland", the "Avoi" company creates a product with many positive side effects.
• Permaculture: Planning workshop in the bee school

Jonas Linder is the President of the Swiss Bee School.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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