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Tim Deutschmann

Keltenweg 22
69221 Dossenheim

Telefon: +49 (0)6221 718463
Adresse e-mail:Tim.Deutschmann@posteo.de
Interlocuteur: Tim Deutschmann

Les Thèmes

Tim Deutschmann is a doctor of physics in the first intstance. Because of the employment situation in science (precarious conditions!) and because of the general situation among economists and their obvious inability to develop a socially-acceptable but above all complete one, as opposed to the currently existing unilateral economic science, he decided in November 2014 to join the many other activists in developing a theory of the socio-economic and socio-psychological impact of positive and negative interest rates.
His theory examines the money network, its mechanisms and rules and its effect on the "ko-social" network, thus all other exchange relationships, ie human-human and human-environment.
He is interested in measurable terms related to rationality, coercion, and freedom, in mathematically "technical" definitions of social phenomena such as love, hate and equality and the transfer of scientific knowledge and concepts to the economy.

Ultimately and centrally it examines the impact of positive and negative interest rates (plus: capitalism, minus: Communism) on our social behaviour, our values, the determination of designation in the monetary network and our integration into our entire habitat, the planet Earth.

On his website he fills in a large gap in our knowledge about the core of capitalist civilization, which, according to Jewish chronology, in the year 2016 is about 5776 years old. The knowledge that he has gathered together affects literally everyone, because all living beings on the planet Earth are affected in some way by capitalism.

The central element of capitalism lies in the innocent-looking interest rates, which affect our behaviour in a perfidious and for most people unconscious and invisible way.

The impact on social behaviour lies in the fact that interest rates, be they positive or negative, intervene in the equilibrium between self-determination (autonomy, Article 1 + 2 Basic Law, dignity, individual autonomy, sovereignty, freedom) and heteronomy, or external determination (heteronomy, §241 in the Code of Civil Law, pacta sunt servanda, "contracts are to be respected ', contract rights and duties, coercion).

Interest rates cause so-called contract obligations, ie create an obligation to sign contracts. In other words, no matter what sign they have, negative or positive, they are a serious interference in (or limitation of) private autonomy.

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