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International Solar Energy Research Center Konstanz e.V. (ISC Konstanz e.V.)

Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 15
78467 Konstanz

Telefon: +497531 36183402; +49-7531 361830
Telefax: +49-7531 3618311
Adresse e-mail:sekretariat@isc-konstanz.de
Interlocuteur: Monika Sarkadi

Les Thèmes

The International Solar Energy Research Center Konstanz e.V. (ISC Konstanz) researches and develops crystalline silicon solar cells. We are working closely together with leading enterprises and research institutes in the field. ISC Konstanz e.V. is a non-profit research institute, founded in 2005 by scientists with long-term experience in the area of crystalline Si-based photovoltaics.

Our objectives:
• Independent non-profit organisation, in part publicly funded
• Leading position in crystalline silicon photovoltaics research
• Close collaboration with the whole PV sector
• Platform for research and development, testing and characterisation, training and education
• Dissemination of photovoltaics, e.g. by donating solar cells from our research projects for the benefit of poor people in non- electrified areas

Our Goals
Our motto: Research for a Sunny Future
• Supporting Photovoltaics Research
• Widening the Application of Photovoltaics
• Strengthening Development Cooperation

Our work:
• Research and development
• Testing and characterization
• We offer a range of services to companies and students as well as to the public and finance sectors. Enterprises and public and finance sectors benefit from: Staff and customer training in solar cell and processing techniques; Independent expert opinions. Students take advantage of: Receiving an education from top photovoltaics experts in cooperation with universities, e.g. writing a diploma, master´s thesis or a doctoral dissertation at ISC Konstanz; Internships and summer jobs
• International solar development cooperation: In demonstration projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America, we transfer clean energytechnology to off-grid regions with abundant sunshine to address the needs of schools, health centers or remote villages. With energy efficient lighting and solar home systems, the negative health effects of kerosene lamps are eliminated. Solar powered water purification systems guarantee the supply of clean drinking water. PV systems in schools and health centers enhance learning conditions and allow an improved service to patients.

Monika Sarkadi Monika Sarkadi is the coordinator of projects of education and development cooperation at the International Solar Energy Research Center Konstanz e.V. (ISC Konstanz).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.


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