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Dr. Manfred Kurt Ehmer

Angerburger Allee 9
14055 Berlin

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Numerous are the names under which Mother Earth has been worshiped since primeval times. Whether Gaia, Isis, Demeter, Kybele or Persephone, they are all often only aspects of a comprehensive mystery: the one of a fertile mother's womb out of which everything is born and into which everything will find its way back again. A great number of traditions, where our earth is worshiped in fertility rites, blessings of open fields, seeds and harvest customs as Mother, provider and guardian of mariage and home have been handed down through the centuries.

After Rationalism and Enlightenment which blessed us with the advance of the natural sciences, but at the same time an attitude towards the world which regarded only exploitable resources of material as important, a new enchantment of the world is required. It is time to re-discover the divinity of the earth. There are ideas in many fields of science to regard the earth again as a being and planning intelligence. But does this suffice to explore its self-controlling and optimization intelligence, to discover its range of survival mechanisms? If Gaia is really a being, then it also has a consciousness and emotions. And then we should try to approach her in a more respectful way.

Manfred Kurt Ehmer, born in Cologne in 1956, studied the subjects philosophy, political science and history at the University of Freiburg/Breisgau from 1977 until 1985. In 1988, he was awarded a PhD in philosophy with an essay about Constantin Frantz, a critic of Bismarck who had been forgotten. Thereafter, an additional training in computer science, journalistic activities and activities in adult education for many years. Since 1993, Manfred Kurt Ehmer has been living and working in Berlin. In 1994, his book :"Götting Erde" (goddess earth) was published.

He says about himself:

There is no group or organization standing behind me. I am a single person, book author and a poet and I commit myself mainly with the word. The centre of my activity is the field of eco-religion/eco-spirituality and I hope to be able to get in touch with like-minded persons among other things also with the help of the Netzkraftbewegung.

After prior agreement, I can give a lecture for other net participants and communicate up-to-date specialist information in the field of eco-religion/ eco-spirituality.


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