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Stiftung Mittagskinder

Mattentwiete 6
20457 Hamburg

Phone No.: +49 (0)40-248 59 716
Fax No.: +49 (0)40-248 59 718
Contact person: Susann Grünwald


Susann Grünwald and Dr. Urs Aschenbrenner founded The Afternoon Children's Foundation on 1st November 2004, in Hamburg, in order to give under-privileged children the chance of a better future. Since that time, numerous benefactors have contributed to the Foundation. The Afternoon Children's Foundation is ideologically neutral and politically independent.

The promotion of preschool and primary school children from the so-called "social hotspots" in Hamburg: in our children's clubs, children are cared for by social workers free of charge and get healthy, freshly prepared meals. There is also help with homework as well as many educational and sport facilities.
The Foundation supports two care projects in the districts of Hamburg Kirchdorf-Süd (Hamburg-Mitte) and Neuwiedenthal (Harburg). In our two children's clubs, more than 200 children between five and twelve years of age receive free healthy meals and professional supervision.
Other features include games, help with homework and our program "Education Impulses" offering, among other things, help with language and reading, a hands-on laboratory for basic scientific experiments and football groups for girls and boys.
The childen eat lunch and dinner together and help in the preparation of the meals, using fresh ingredients. After the evening meal, they can pack their own breakfast-box for the following school day, with self-made sandwiches, fruit and milk or fruit juice.
Many of the children come from immigrant families, so that the Foundation makes a valuable contribution to social integration thus giving them a better chance in life.
Health Education: Nutrition; exercise programs; dental health; relaxation courses
Special projects: part of our program "Education Impulses" consists of informal learning. Join the circus, sail on a historic two-master, the great project world religions, theatre group and holiday activities involving exciting topics.

Susann Grünwald is the President of The Afternoon Children's Foundation.

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