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Jorge Alberto Tamayo Rodriguez

Calle 32B No. 83 A-18

Telefon: +57 4 3473603
Telefax: +57 2 8242594
Adresse e-mail:jtamayo62@yahoo.com
Interlocuteur: Tamayo Rodriguez, Jorge Alberto

Les Thèmes

Jorge Alberto Tamayo Rodriguez cooperates with social organizations (of farmers, native inhabitants, Afro-Columbians), who are working for the development of research processes and who promote the active participation in projects. It is their objective to support the local and regional decision-making capacities. The centre of activities is the formulation and realization of education/teaching and environmental policy. A special interest of these organizations lies in the search and socialization of information on megaprojects, in particular those where international capital is put in and which will have an effect on the environment as well as the way of life of the community. The objective of some of the activities was to realize the participation of the communities in the supervision of projects (drillings for oil industry explorations, earthquake exploration etc.). Another field of work regarding environmental matters is the development of projects which promote a lasting biodiversity and which involve an improvement of the quality of life of the community at the same time.

Another main focus of this organization deals with the design and the realization of education systems with intercultural character which can adapt themselves to the own cultural properties/features and organizations of the community.

Our main interest lies in the combination of education and environment, both on a formal and informal level.

According to prior agreement, we can give advice to other net participants in the field of education and environment of Columbia, we can deliver an expert opinion, give a lecture and arrange for contacts.


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