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Stiftung MyHandicap

Sirnacherstrasse 1
9500 Wil/St.Gallen

Telefon: +41 (0)71 911 49 49
Adresse e-mail:contact@myhandicap.com
Interlocuteur: Maria Huber

Les Thèmes

MyHandicap Switzerland was founded in 2004 by Joachim lap and has its headquarters in Zurich. Since its inception, this independent national organization has managed to develop into an important institution for people with disabilities and their families. MyHandicap aims to facilitate life for the disabled and to promote their integration into society.

To this end, our non-profit organization operates the Internet platforms www.myhandicap.de, www.myhandicap.ch and www.myhandicap.com. These provide information which is particularly relevant for people with disabilities or serious illness. Here, those affected can find articles about a wide range of types of disabilities and chronic diseases. These include, for example, paralysis, amputation and prosthesis, stroke, diabetes, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, depression and dementia.

MyHandicap enables a worldwide exchange of experience. Through the worldwide network of participants in the MyHandicap community, people can exchange experiences and knowledge to the great benefit of handicapped and sick people, their families and friends. Thus we can bring together people who are faced with a particular challenge with those who have already mastered this problem. On the Internet platforms of MyHandicap, questions are answered, problems solved - and people meet people. As the largest platform for people with disabilities and serious illness, MyHandicap is pool of information and a communication space for sufferers all over the world.
Centre for Disability and Integration at St.Gallen University, Switzerland: This is an interdisciplinary centre researching into the integration of the handicapped, aiming for an inclusive society.

• MyAdress - the directory for people with disabilities who are particpants in MyHandicap: "MyAdress" is an online address directory, recording the MyHandicap information on accessibility and facilities for disabled people. It can also be accessed via mobile smartphones.
• Action second aid - sufferers help sufferers: Here you find people who have already taken this path - our MyHandicap ambassadors. Our ambassadors will help you to reorientate your life. You learn to lead an independent and fulfilling life with your handicap.
• Marketplace: Go virtual window shopping! If you want to know what's on the rehabilitation market in the way of special aids and tools, this is the right place to look.
• Learning Lunches - responsible leadership & liability management: Participants are matched with work which strengthens them. People with disabilities serve as role models.
• MyHandicap Forums: Partners in MyHandicap forums benefit from a system which is technically advanced and has been proven over many years. Establishing a functioning community and establishing a forum, is oftena lengthy process. MyHandicap takes over the time and expense for you. MyHandicap has a stable and growing community. MyHandicap Forums are highly developed, both technically and in terms of content.
• The MyHandicap Job Market: You are looking for a job or a new employee for your business? For job-seekers, MyHandicap offers an extensive collection of vacancies.

Maria Huber is Assistant Secretary of the MyHandicap Foundation.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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