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Verein Wohlergehen und Gesundheit e.V. (WoGe e.V.)

Winfriedstr. 67
50129 Bergheim

Telefon: +49 (0)2238-945525
Adresse e-mail:info@woge-verein.de
Interlocuteur: Karolin Warschkow

Les Thèmes

The Health & Wellbeing Society (WoGe) is an association for people in mental crisis or exceptional circumstances. This means that we work:
• to improve the quality of life,
• for personal development and stabilization,
• for the development of all abilities of those involved,
• for ways of dealing well with the self and with the illness.

The society WoGe is a trialogical club where patients, their families and therapists meet on an equal footing and collaboratively develop new concepts. We work exclusively with therapists (professionals) who support our development approach. By means of targeted exchanges of experience, stabilization measures are passed on to and tested on other affected people, using a variety of techniques.

• to offer guidance to affected people in developing a personal health-friendly lifestyle in their personal and social environment.
• for members who have experienced crises to help by exchanging valuable personal experience of techniques of self-empowerment.
• to strengthen the quality of life by making new contacts, identifying development opportunities, personal potentials and capabilities as well as opportunities for reorientation away from chronification and towards recovery,
• to experiment with techniques for relaxation, individual balance and the development of self-esteem.
• to establish mobile teams for personal crisis monitoring in situ,
• to further develop concepts for monitoring recovery and to train recovery companions.
• to support people with mental impairments in their personal concerns in partnership and family, in their living environment, in social law issues with employers, government agencies and service providers.
• to complement and support the classic self-help concept by providing information and networking existing self-help groups as well operating counselling centres in order to show the bigger picture.
• to cooperate with subject-related institutions in the social and psychiatric field, with the aim of a shift in consciousness in dealing with and treating people with mental illness

Self-help groups and projects:
• WoGe working group "Stabilization & joie de vivre": This working group seeks to collate and communicate information and support for people in severe mental crises.
• Self-help group "Mental Health Life" (SAIL): This deals with the possibilities of new techniques to stabilize people in mental crises. People with various forms of mental crisis (psychosis, bipolar, depression, etc.) are welcome.
• Self-help group "GeBE" – mutual support during recovery.
• Mindfulness group
• WoGe project: paths of recovery - how can people with serious mental illness become healthy again?
• WoGe project: "We pick you up"
• Project assistant training

Karolin Warschkow is the President of WoGe – The Health & Wellbeing Society.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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