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Stiftung für nachhaltige Entwicklung und interkulturellen Austausch

Chileweg 5
8415 Berg am Irchel

Telefon: +41(0)52/3182323
Telefax: +41(0)52/3181906
Adresse e-mail:daniel.eglin@paneco.ch
Interlocuteur: Eglin, Daniel

Les Thèmes

The international, charitable foundation PanEco was founded in 1996 and is active in the fields of environmental protection, environmental management and environmental education. PanEco completes the personal support of projects which date back until the seventies and eightees, with an instrumental structure. At the moment, the centre of activities lies in Indonesia. With its "Sumatra Orang-Utan Schutzprogramm SOCP" (Sumatra Orang-Utan protection programme) PanEco stands up there for the survival of the last Sumatra-Orang-Utan. At the edge of the Gunung Leuser National Parc it supports the "environmental education centre PPLH Bohorok" with projects for rainforest ecology, environmental management and eco-tourism. In Eastern Java, the "environmental education centre PPLH Seloliman" can be found with the following centres of activity: biological agriculture/farmers´school and spermbank cooperative. Motivated people work voluntarily in Pan-Eco-projects in the framework of the "International Volonteer Programme". In Switzerland, the "environmental education centre NeulandWeinland" can be found in Berg am Irchel with a diverse pedagogical offer in the field of environment and nature.

Their projects which can act as a model shall have a lasting effect and strive for the following objectives:

- to preserve the ecological and biogenetical diversity and protect natural ecosystems,
- to build institutions such as environmental education centres and to promote professionalism in environmental education as well as the development of environmental consciousness in society,
- to promote lasting development as well as the lasting utilization of natural ressources,
- to cause an improvement of the life conditions of disadvantaged sections of the population,
- to strive at a humane synthesis of ecological, social and economic interests,
- to preserve the cultural diversity and to contribute to intercultural acceptance and mutual understanding of social and ecological problems.

We can offer an overnight accommodation for one or two net participants. In addition to that, we can give advice on environmental matters, we can give a lecture, arrange for up-to-date specialist information and establish contacts. Moreover, we arrange for volunteer activities.


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