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Somero e.V.

Bildung für junge Menschen in Uganda

Winsstraße 61
10405 Berlin

Phone No.: +49 30 – 252 02 05 7
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The non profit association Somero e.V., founded in 2009, empowers young people in Uganda through education. Due to the inequality of the sexes, the focus of Somero is on the support of girls and young women.
As Somero is active both in Uganda and Germany, we have a team in each country. The cooperation between both teams is characterized by a common vision, mutual trust, personal commitment and cooperation among equals.
All members of Somero agree that Somero’s primary base is in Uganda. The local team in Uganda is best informed about the strengths, needs and the development of the scholarship holders. In turn, the German team focuses mostly on securing the provision of financial means as well as supporting and advising the team in Uganda, whenever they require assistance on an issue.

• Somero awards educational scholarships to young Ugandans who pursue their dream of education with high motivation, but cannot realize it because of a lack of money or family support. By obtaining the comprehensive support of the scholarship, the scholarship holders receive a level of education necessary to lead a self-determined life.
• Furthermore we established the Somero Center which is located in a township of Kampala and serves as a meeting point for the Somero scholarship holders and other young people from the district. At this protected place of learning, social exchange and cultural activities the Somero team offers a comprehensive variety of activities and services on a daily basis.
• The project was designed to benefit the vulnerable young mothers of Kawempe division Kampala district. The beneficiaries of the project were young mothers between 16 and 24 years within Kawempe division whose future was at stake especially by the fact that they no longer had the hope of completing a major education level. They had lost hope in continuing with their education due to pregnancy and after being forced out of school, others had been denied a chance to continue with their education by the parents or the unfriendly schooling environment which does not cater for their responsibilities. The program was designed to run for half a day without holidays to be able to cover as much as possible just like in the normal school setting while providing time for the beneficiaries to attend to family responsibilities.
• With support from Foundation 10%, 100 young women were reached out through the role model skills development. Under this project, a beneficiary with a special skill volunteers to pass on the skill to other beneficiaries with the support of Somero Uganda.

Janna Rassmann is a Member and the Contact Person of Somero e.V..

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