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Monimbó e.V.

Verein zur Förderung der deutsch-lateinamerikanischen Beziehungen

Darmstädter Str. 23
63128 Dietzenbach

Telefon: +49 6074/26891
Telefax: +49 6074/26891
Adresse e-mail:vereinmonimbo@aol.com
Interlocuteur: Meyer, Klaus

Les Thèmes

For more than 20 years, Monimbó e.V. has been carrying out solidarity projects in countries of the so-called "Third World". The solidarity work is accompanied by many and diverse educational and public relations work related to development policy on the situation in these countries and on the possibilities to help the people over there to get to know their life and to learn from them as well. In the meantime, Monimbó e.V. is one of the oldest and most famous sponsors of private development aid in the Federal Republic of Germany. Due to the many years of continuous work as well as the great number of successfully performed aid projects, both, Monimbó e.V. and the city of Dietzenbach have got an excellent reputation in the field of solidarity work.

Originating from a trade-union Nicaragua-group which has been working since 1979, Monimbó e.V. had concentrated its work first of all completely on Nicaragua, which had freed itself from the brutal family dictatorship of Somoza in July 1979. Among other areas, road construction and drinking-water projects, the construction of public health facilities, of homes and schools were supported. The association is particularly proud of a very successful furniture cooperative in Monimbo, a quarter of Masaya in Nicaragua. The official partnership of both communes which was concluded between Dietzenbach and Masaya in 1985 is also a considerable success of the Monimbó work. This partnership is not only the reason fort he "rich" city of Dietzenbach to place a regular financial support for humanitarian projects at the disposal of the "poor" sister Masaya, but it has already also been the reason for many citizens of Dietzenbach - in particular female pupils and female teachers of schools of Dietzenbach as well as for young people and adults from Masaya to visit each other and to learn from each other during these visits.

Since 1994, Monimbó e.V. always also had contacts to groups, institutions and communes in Cuba which have become more and more intensive. Cuba, which has been suffring from the embargo of the USA for many years and which - after 1990 - has also been suffering from the collapse of the earlier socialist countries which have supported Cuba generously for many years, urgently needs our help as well. Monimbó e.V. has supported many small projects such as kindergardens, schools, a day care centre for the elderly, hospitals as well as youth and cultural institutions. Moreover, some major house building projects as well as a project for the improvement of food supplies for the population could be supported with the help of subsidies from the European Union, the Federal Government as well as the state government of Hessen. Monimbó e.V. regularly organizes container transports with relief supplies, such as hospital beds, bicycles, sewing machines, school material and many other things, which are urgently needed in Cuba.

According to prior agreement, we can give advice to other net participants, give a lecture on our work and arrange for up-to-date specialist information and establish contacts.


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