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Elimu4Afrika e.V.

Kirchstraße 8
78166 Donaueschingen

Telefon: +49 7718978084
Telefax: +49 7717984
Adresse e-mail:elimu4afrika@gmail.com
Interlocuteur: Roland Ketterer

Les Thèmes

The goal of the non profit Association Elimu4Afrika e.V., founded in 2013, is the promotion and maintenance of health care, education, conflict mitigation through economic growth and sustainable development with a regional focus on Africa.
The goal of Elimu4Afrika e.V. will especially be realized through the design, establishment, management and maintenance of facilities for health care, education, and basic services (e.g. water, electricity).

Elimu4Afrika e.V. has three primary objectives:
• Sustainable access to drinking water and solar power in Eastern Africa: Solar energy allows even small communities to gain access to safe drinking water which is crucial to improve individual lives and to further sustainable development across Eastern Africa.
• Vocational training for skilled laborers (solar and water systems): Vocational training systems in Europe have proven fruitful for over 1000 years as they ensure the maintenance of public infrastructure services. In Easter Africa vocational schools are still in their infancy. Educational policies have favored the creation of systems for higher education and largely ignored the need for qualified skilled workers.
• The creation of a middle class by establishing trade and repair businesses with a focus on water systems and solar energy: A flourishing middle classes and small- and medium-sized constitute, until today, the corner stones for growth and social and economic stability. By providing the training necessary for the establishment of such businesses in Eastern Africa, we hope to contribute to the emergence of a middle class and the stability associated therewith.

• Vocational School: We are building a vocational school for solar and water systems in Chala to create a more promising future for local youth across the region of Rukwa, Tanzania. Educational efforts in Tanzania have, so far, focused on elementary and secondary schooling and on the expansion of the university system. Vocational training, however, has been neglected even though it is crucial for developing a stable middle class, small- and medium-sized enterprises and sustainable economic growth.
• Agricultural equipment: The goal is through the management of larger fields you can more plant, so if possible you can more harvest, so that you can create storage for the dry season or you can even enable a small commercial. With a tractor alone a farmer cannot yet order his fields. The tractor was available, we procured the plow, the saw machine and a dump truck to facilitate the field work for the majority of the community.
• Well (Drinking Water): In Chala, Tanzania, a dam guarantees access to drinking water during nine months every year. During dry season, however, water used to be scarce and ponds offered sole access points. Water-related diseases were rampant. By constructing a solar-powered well with two central filling stations we were able to guarantee access to safe drinking water throughout the year. This project (valued at 16000€) was completed in four years.

Roland Ketterer is the Chairman of Elimu4Afrika e.V..

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