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Internationales Institut zur Entwicklungsförderung der Jugend e.V.


Berliner Str. 17
79211 Denzlingen

Telefon: +49 7666/4575
Adresse e-mail:EDEJU@t-online.de
Interlocuteur: Helmeth, Wolfgang

Les Thèmes

The "Internationales Institut zur Entwicklungsförderung der Jugend e.V. (EDEJU) " (= International Institute for the Promotion of the Development of Young People) develops the "Interkulturelles Selbst-Lern-Netz" in short INSEL-Netz (= Intercultural network for self-teaching). It is the objective of the "INSEL-Netz" to support and to cultivate the natural autodidactic learning energy of the individual as from the earliest childhood.

The concept is the result of a process of considerations and practical projects at home and abroad. The reason were observations in the village of Agbaille in the south of the Ivory Coast in the year 1973: Extremely talented, open-minded and creative children who - among other things - imitated their environment playfully and who made the toys which were necessary for that purpose by themselves - without any support from the adults who forbade these activities often enough. The reason: the parents did everything they could so that the children at school-age concentrated on school matters. But this drastically restricts the development of individual potentials and causes ideals of the planning of life and profession which can almost only be found in the capital and in offices. The result was and is that bureaucracy becomes overdeveloped and all other fields become underdeveloped. Moreover, the population becomes poor due to the fact that the children - as it is usually normal - could no longer contribute to safeguard the existence of the families but cause further costs (school, external accommodation etc.).

The EDEJU is of the opinion that these problems can only be solved by changing the parents' way of looking at things. In particular as far as the playful activities of the children are concerned. This shall be achieved by the EDEJU-projects which combine the methods of the so-called informal sector (creativity and entrepreneurial spirit) with measures to promote the individual spectrum of the talents of children and young people in their true-to-life environment:

- by well-directed use of pedagogically reasonable toys, the local manufacture of which is an important part of the EDEJU-project, and
- by insights and a participation in the real life of adults which is suitable for children.

EDEJU-projects exist on the Ivory Coast and in Germany. The pilot project is called "Denzlinger Cleverle" here. The development of the EDEJU-atlas which shall help every individual to find interesting areas of life and to acquire the relevant competences for that purpose is new. Please see www.EDEJU-Atlas.de.

We can offer an overnight accommodation for other net participants. In addition to that, we can give advice on the subjects education and personality development, we can give a lecture and arrange for up-to-date specialist information and establish contacts. We voluntarily offer our assistance if people are looking for practical training and want to work voluntarily at home or abroad within the framework of the EDEJU-project.


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