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Adresse e-mail:info@project-e.eu.
Interlocuteur: Bojan Jukic

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PROJECT-E was founded with the idea of improving the career prospects of Ethiopian women. Two principles have operated as guidelines throughout the project:
• Market orientation: Market research conducted among local companies showed a high demand for qualified office assistants in Ethiopia´s job market. Our education programme is a response to this growing demand.
• Sustainability: Development can only be sustainable when it becomes part of the local community. All of the staff employed at the College is Ethiopian. It is our long-term strategy to hand the project over to our Ethiopian partner organization.

In cooperation with our local partner Selam Children´s Village PROJECT-E offers a three-year training programme to a minimum of 15 Ethiopian women. The PROJECT-E story begins with the brothers Wenzel and Moritz and their compelling mix of compassion and entrepreneurial know-how.

We think that sustainability matters. Therefore, an Income Generating strategy has been developed to make the project as independent of charity donations as possible. The strategy consists of repayment from former students, a copy- and print-centre called "Selam Service Center" and a further education program for external office workers (our "Professional Development Program").
• AOSTD College: PROJECT-E aims to provide the best education for office assistants in Ethiopia: The three-year training has the highest accreditation by the Ethiopian government. The curriculum of the programme comprises both theoretical and practical training in form of internships with acclaimed Ethiopian and international companies. Excellent local staff with many years of work experience at well-recognized institutions allows high quality education.
• Selam Service Center: The Selam Service Center offers a professional printing service in Selam David Röschli Technical and Vocational College near to Hanamariam Church in Kotebe. We want to get a bigger market share in Kotebe with competitive prices.
• Professional Development Program (PDP): We have created our training programs to flexibly address individual business demands in terms of both time and location. Our courses are offered at our local college but can also be given at a location of choice. The PDP offers excellent custom-tailored Professional English, IT, Office Administration and Management courses designed to provide employees with the key skills, tools and terminology to successfully maneuver an international business environment.
• Volunteer in Ethiopia: You´ll be on the forefront of our daily operations at the college helping run our project, providing status reports & updates, and helping accomplish our goal of equipping young women with the skills they need to succeed.
• Volunteer in Europe: You´ll work in close collaboration with our various departments from your own home, apartment, or dorm room and still have an impact on the work we do in Ethiopia. You´ll get to interact with former on-the-ground volunteers and learn about Ethiopia while helping our project run smoothly.

BOJAN JUKIĆ is a Member of the Management Board of PROJECT-E e.V..

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Also we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.


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