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Elimu – Bildung in Ostafrika e.V.

Platenstraße 1
30451 Hannover

Adresse e-mail:info@elimu-ev.org
Interlocuteur: Andreas Eberth

Les Thèmes

"ELIMU" means education in the Swahili language. Our aim is to give children and juveniles access to education.

As part of our geography studies at Trier University, we were able to get to know this part of the world better through lectures about it or by major trips to East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda). In the summer of 2009, approximately 20 geography students from Trier University (from different disciplines and generations) founded ELIMU - Education in East Africa.

The nonprofit organization ELIMU - Education in East Africa has set itself the task of improving the educational situation in Kenya and Tanzania sustainably. In cooperation with and on an equal footing with our local partners, the aim is to improve the often inadequate equipment in schools and to expand educational opportunities. Unlike German educational institutions, Kenyan schools are are only partially state funded and so the schools are obliged to pay the running costs and the teacher's salaries from school fees.

In Germany, we want to inform the public about specific developmental contexts and about the general situation in Africa. To this end, such things as lectures and a mobile exhibition were developed, which are also suitable for schools (eg in the context of project days).

• Donyo Integrated Sports Centre - DISC – in Kenya: The continuing rural-urban migration is the main reason that the population has exploded in the major cities of East Africa. ELIMU has recognized that this development can only be mitigated by creating incentives in rural areas. In particular, young people in the Kenyan peripherals need access to education, to improve their own living conditions locally and to act as a catalyst for advancing their rural homelands. The DISC initiative offers youths in Donyo Sabuk, which is located about 65km north-east of Nairobi, numerous funding possibilities. Through its motto "Empower education" they offer children, young people and the whole community a chance for the future ..
• Mama Hindu – in Tanzania: The Centre for Women and Children Development (CW CD) was founded in in Arusha in 1995 by Mama Hindu, a very dedicated woman. Through her tireless commitment, socially disadvantaged children and women are given new life prospects. The work of CWCD covers several areas, the main ones being education, emancipation, jobs and help against hunger. ELIMU has been supporting the CWCD since 2009.
• Pamoja Youth Foundation – in Kenya: The Pamoja Youth Foundation (PDF) in Kibera, a slum in Nairobi, is a Youth Initiative, which has been supported by our association since 2010. Raphael Omondi, the founder of the PYF, advances the young people's talents so that they can bring about a positive change in their slums. In October 2010 a teachers' training seminar took place in the office of the Pamoja Youth Foundation, with the teachers of the "Kibera" slums. Ideas for improving the school curriculum were discussed. Raphael Omondi, the founder of the PYF, presented a solar power system. Environmental projects, music festivals for local artists and sports activities are just a few other activities of the Pamoja Youth Foundation ..
• Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Wildlife Conservation Trust (CSWCT) – in Uganda: The CSWCT is committed to finding ways to improve the living conditions of humans and chimpanzees sustainably. To support the information and education work in this area, a training centre was built with an attached library for which ELIMU donated numerous books.

Andreas Eberth is the President of ELIMU – Education in East Africa.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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