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Friedensinitiative Bruchsal

Markgrafenring 10
76703 Kraichtal

Telefon: +49 (0)7250 1886
Adresse e-mail:friedensinitiativebruchsal@web.de
Interlocuteur: Rettig, Hans Jürgen

Les Thèmes

The peace initiative resulted from an anti-Strauss-campaign in Bruchsal and has been cooperating with different alliance partners until today. The initiative stands up for peaceful solutions to conflicts and for this reason it rejects war as a continuation of politics.

The peace initiative of Bruchsal organizes alternative city sightseeing tours. Moreover, it is the editor of the brochure " "Bruchsal unterm Hakenkreuz" (= Bruchsal under the swastika) which is concerned with the past of Bruchsal during the Third Reich.

We can offer an overnight accommodation for other net participants. In addition to that, according to prior agreement we can give a lecture on the subject "Federal Armed Forces" and arrange for contacts.


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