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Offen, interaktives und soziokulturelles Kunstprojekt für ein Weltbild der Verbundenheit

Weseler Straße 38
40239 Düsseldorf

Phone No.: +49 (0)211-615385
Fax No.: +49(0)211-6411146
Contact person: Claus Michael Pulm


WIU World in Union stands for the shared discovery of the connectedness between people and between all life on our Earth generally in the creative-artistic process – a way of life.

WIU activities provide opportunities for the discovery and exploration of humane and sustainable lifestyles, whereby people, working together hand-in-hand, can discover and strengthen their talents and potential for decent, sustainable ways of living, within the living world around them. Pictorially or symbolically, WIU shows the social sculpture. WIU awakens the imagination for ways of life in their variety of unity and solidarity. WIU points to globally existing foundations to form humane and life-sustaining or affirmative sensing, thinking and acting in the here-and-now, and for sustainable development. WIU does this by working in schools and at public events.

From the insights of experimental work on the interconnectedness of all life, WIU was established in 1992 by the Düsseldorf artist Claus Michael Pulm, who brought it into being and has continually developed it. From this sprang the question: How do I tell my child? or How can others share it, be touched by it and continue to develop it for themselves?
Thus WIU does not actually stand for organization but rather for organic growth.
WIU is an experimental lifestyle project that begins with each individual themselves and is supplemented and diffused by hand in hand exchange - as the WIU logo shows.
The society "World in Union" is therefore a pure development association that promotes the creative, non-profit work of free agents without the need for being tied to an association.
Creative artistic, themed school projects or workshops on the following topics:
• Being connected
• The essence
• Vibrations
• The elements
• Water-beings-world
• Rediscovering together
WIU in schools and at public events such as World Children's Day:
• painting actions: We paint humans and the Earth
• construction of natural instruments - rainsticks, drums etc.
• Creating with clay - we are gifts.
• Meditation - breath is life
• expert panels - we are universes
Special events:
• Project days: One Earth - One humanity - unity in diversity
• Cooperation in music and film productions
• Student conferences on topics such as addiction or consumption
• WIU Festival: since 1994 the We Are One Festival in Dusseldorf

Claus Michael Pulm is the founder of World in Union (WIU).

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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