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Verbund selbstverwalteter Fahrradbetriebe e.V.

Paul-Lincke-Ufer 44a
10999 Berlin

Telefon: +49 30/6121870
Telefax: +49 30/6119722
Adresse e-mail:buero@VSF.de
Interlocuteur: Saade, Ulrike

Les Thèmes

A bicycle shop is not a snack-bar. Truism or business philosophy? At least one of the reasons why you cannot discover the specialist shops of the "VSF" (associatio of self-administered bicycle companies) everywhere . But almost everywhere. After 12 years of "VSF", you find our member companies in Bielefeld just as in Bamberg, in Flensburg and in Fürth. And also in many other cities. In cities such as for example Hamburg, Bremen, Berlin and Cologne, the "VSF"-logo is even hanging at several shops.

Every "VSF"-shop like the other? Certainly not! In many of them city bikes and trekking bikes are the centre of attention - not necessarily everywhere the same. In quite a lot of them you can have yourself a made-to-measure bicyle with components of your choice assembled, in addition, others deal in a large assortment of functional clothes. Every "VSF"-member is just independent and has its own profile. This applies in particular to such different companies as the "VSF Fahrradmanufaktur Bremen" (VSF bicycle manufacture of Bremen) (a manufacturing company), the specialty store for trailers >>Zwei plus zwei<< in Cologne, the wholesale trade Rasko as well as various projects and employment initiatives. All shops are connected by an internal communication system so that special inquiries can be answered with the help of other "VSF"-members. Cooperation in the field of service as well. Every bicycle which was bought in a "VSF"-shop will also be repaired, serviced and initially inspected in all other shops.

Even more belongs to the way the "VSF" sees itself. "VSF" also means to interfere, to move something. For example the ecological representative: he helps the companies to practise environmental protection every day and in an exemplary manner and asks the manufacturers to launch durable products without harmful substances on the market. Economy and ecology - no contradiction for the "VSF", but a synthesis which serves all. Even a sworn bicycle expert is working for the "VSF" and can be consulted in the case of damage and product liability. He makes material analyses and after an accident has happened he carries out research for the cause it. Let's put it this way: In the "VSF", people think beyond the handlebars.

Ulrike Saade, born in Bremen in 1954, married, one son, worked in a bicycle shop for 10 years. She is a teacher, bicycle dealer with examination as two-wheeler mechanic and since 1990 she has been the manager of VSF.

We offer expert advice referring to the above mentioned topic, we give lectures and arrange for contacts and specialist information. After prior agreement, we can offer an overnight accommodation for other net participants.


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