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Friedrichstr. 39-41
51143 Köln

Phone No.: +49 (0)2203-55993
Fax No.: +49 (0)2203-951514
Contact person: Kemal Sovuksu


The SOLIBUND e.V. is a self-help organization in Cologne-Porz, established in April 1993. It is recognized as an intercultural centre and youth welfare support organisation and is a member of the Joint Welfare Association. We want to contribute to the integration of everyone into the local community, especially those with an immigrant background. We see ourselves as a social self-help service, assisting both German and foreign residents to cope with everyday problems of all kinds. We want to promote the communication ability of people of all nationalities. The emancipatory approach to the work of the Solidarity Federation relies on strengthening the capacity and resources of the people, using an integration model based on competence and participation.

Our aims:
To strengthen the educational skills of parents through information and counselling, to motivate young people toward education and training, to carry out project work with the target groups of parents and students, to work with qualified German volunteers in extracurricular educational work, to act as a bridge to professional and regular services, networking with social services within the district.

What we offer:
• homework help and tutoring / German language support (in particular, a qualified German language course)
• Children's theatre
• Information evenings: education, upbringing, jobs
• Mothers' & women's group
• Cultural events
• Training and coaching for job application
• Cooperation with schools, government agencies and social services.

• Readings and audio presentations: literary readings with musical accompaniment; musical performances
• Audiovisual Activities: Turkish shadow play Karagoz; exhibition of the works of a painter and sculptor, as well as presentation of the artist; screening of award-winning Turkish films, followed by discussion.
• Theatrical activities: theatre, literature and music classes for women; theatre, literature, and music classes for children
• Hyde Park Turkish style: exchange of views on issues such as social, political, historical cultural, educational and training topics, in short, all aspects of life.
• Child & Youth Services: including summarising services and functions of groups offering support for young people and their families. Child and Youth Services is part of child and youth protection
• Women & Family: wives' meetings; consultation
• Help for senior citizens: aid in dealing with the authorities and help with filling out forms
• Help for the disabled: aid in dealing with the authorities and help with filling out forms
• Courses: homework help and tutoring; German as a foreign language; art therapy for children
• Refugee work

Kemal Sovuksu is the President of the SOLIBUND e.V..

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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