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Missionskreis Ayopaya e.V.

Fliederweg 26
90610 Winkelhaid

Phone No.: +49 (0)9187/9074-02
Fax No.: +49 (0)9187/9074-03
Contact person: Raimund Busch


The Ayopaya Mission was founded in 1968 by Manfred Rauh, at that time chaplain in Fürth, in order to support the pastoral care and the development of the people of the Ayopaya Province in Bolivia. In that same year, a team from the Archdiocese of Bamberg went into this very remote region in the Andean highlands of Bolivia. They were concerned for the human body and soul. This was necessary because although Ayopaya is set in beautiful countryside, with its people living by farming and from some mineral resources, this province is one of the economically least developed areas in Bolivia, a poor country.
Our tasks in Independencia
The Foundation "Centro Social San Bonifacio" focusses on the following areas of work:
• "Casa San Martín" and "Casa Santa Elisabet", boarding schools with more than 100 boys and girls from remote villages who attend higher grades of elementary school and secondary school.
• "Papa Juan XXIII": offering remedial courses, mainly for women, and a centre for educational social work.
• "San Francisco de Asís" Kindergarten, with four groups and
• "Puerta Abierta": open house for school children and youth.
• "Misioneras Quechuas": a group of local sisters who are engaged in pastoral and social work.
• Cooperation with the "Colegio Técnico humanistico Boliviano – Alemán".
Our tasks in Cochabamba:
• CADECA: Course Centre for the training of catechists and "líderes Comunales". The team runs more and more conferences and meetings in the parishes themselves. Director: Lic Pedro Alvarez.
• CETHA: Catechists can achieve a diploma which is the equivalent of a university entrance qualification in a multi-year training course.
• ESTEPA: catechists with a diploma can qualify for the ecclesiastical service, similar to the profession of community instructors.

• Cruz Gloriosa parish in Barrio Minero: This parish in the residential area of the former miners around CADECA is currently led by Pastor Javier Mejia and the Permanent Deacon José Iglesias. There is much emphasis on helping children: "Guardería" - nursery, "Comedor infantile" - food for schoolchildren and "Apoyo Escolar y Biblioteca" – help with homework and a library.
• There are provisions for the elderly, too: "Casa Raimundo Herman": boarding for the second-chance education, at present with 15 men aged 17-25 years. Since 2012 this has been affiliated to the seminary. Director: Padre Crispin Borda

Our programs:
The Ayopaya Mission District supports projects that arise at the initiative of the population of Ayopaya. They are carried out with a reasonable amount of services, such as
• Student Loan Program: Gifted young men and women receive a scholarship, which they repay into the loan fund after completion of their vocational training.
• Women's embroidery group: girls and women from the neighbourhood of CADECA earn an income for themselves and their families with beautiful embroidery on cards, tablecloths and cloth bags.

Raimund Busch is the President of the Ayopaya Mission..

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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