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Prof. Dr. Johannes Heinrichs


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Johnnes Heinrich has been standing up for the thought of a "Viergliederung des sozialen Systems" (division of the social systems into four parts) as far as the matter as such is concerned since he has given his first lectures in "social philosophy" at the Jesuit Highschool St. Georgen in Francfort on the river Main in the year 1975 and - after a period of ripening and waiting - in particular during his time as a professor for social ecology at the Humboldt Uni-versity he continued to test this system in many respects. This system is based on the reflec-tion system theory of the social which was developed by Johannes Heinrichs: a connection between theory of action and theory of system by the principle of the mutual reflection of those people who act socially.

J. Heinrichs has been using the term "Vierfachheit" (fourfold) and "Viergliederung des Sozialen" (division of the social into four parts) as a definite "Etikett" (label) not before the mid-eighties, namely as a certain belated bow to Rudolf Steiner's largely intuitive view and talk about the "Dreigliederung des sozialen Organismus" (division of the social organism into three parts) (since 1916). The concrete conclusions have been concentrating (especially in publications since 1994) on the demand for a parliament which is divided into four parts for the social house (Oikos). The following is concerned:

1. that the subsystems of the social which latently always exist and which are apparently universally known will be distinguished institutionally. This means that the basic problem of our societies, the dominance of the economy, will be solved by an inverse competence system from the top to the bottom, from the basic values (level 4) down to the economy (level 1):

Level 4: Legitimation system: world-view - ethics - religion - mysticism
Level 3: Cultural system: pedagogy - science - mass communication - art
Level 2: Political system: administration - executive - legislature - judiciary
Level 1: Economical system: consumption - production - trade - monetary system.

2. the point for this decisive further development of the social system lies with the legislature: we need four different, specifically elected and specifically responsible parliaments for this purpose which have indeed a hierarchical but at the same time a relation with feedback, similar to a circle.

Johannes Heinrichs, born in Duisburg in the year 1942, is professor for philosophy and social ecology, not working any more. In November, a summarizing book was published by the Maas Verlag, Berlin: "Revolution der Demokratie" a real utopia. The foreword of the expert in constitutional law K.A. Schatscheider can be found on the "Viergliederungs"-homepage. Lecture dates of Johnnes Heinrichs can be found on the homepage www.maasverlag.de.

According to prior agreement I can offer overnight stays to other net participants. Moreover, I can give advice, deliver an expert opinion, give a lecture and arrange for up-to-date specialist information and establish contacts in the field: theory of democracy/social philosophy.


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