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Stiftung für das Tier im Recht (TIR)

Rigistrasse 9
8006 Zürich

Telefon: +41 (0) 43 443 06 43
Telefax: +41 (0)43 443 06 46
Adresse e-mail:info@tierimrecht.org
Interlocuteur: Christine Künzli

Les Thèmes

The Foundation for the Animal in the Law (TIR; Stiftung für das Tier im Recht; Fondation pour l´animal en droit) is a politically and religiously neutral non-profit organisation, which began in 1995 and was registered in the Bern-Mittelland Trade Register in 1996.

The main objective of all the TIR's projects and activities is the continual improvement of the human-animal relationship in law, ethics and society. We campaign for all animals, whether they are pets, farm animals or wild.
We pursue realistic goals and work together with the authorities and other organisations. We can achieve more in the field of animal welfare by joining forces in a meaningful way.
With its legal and political groundwork and its wide range of services, the TIR has established itself as a competence centre for the animal in law, ethics and society.

• Solid legislative proposals for better animal welfare
• education and training in animal welfare legislation
• Extensive public relations
• Practical assistance
• publications on the animal in law
• Library Foundation
• Legal advice

• Library for animal rights, ethics and society: expansion, support and promotion of the TIR Library
• Database of animal protection penal cases: Analysis of Animal Welfare Criminal Practice
• Legal advice on animal rights: Legal assistance for people seeking advice
• promotion of young talent in the animal protection law: short internship at the TIR
• Book Series "Studies in animals in the law": publication of monographs, legal opinions and technical papers in its own TIR Series
• basic works on current animal welfare legislation issues: Short-term production and dissemination of expert opinions and statements on current animal welfare issues

Christine Künzli is Vice-President of the Foundation for the Animal in the Law (TIR)

On request we can offer other net participants overnight accommodation. We can also give advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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