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Sid Child Care Foundation (SCCF)

Kyebando Ring Road, Nsooba Raod, P. O. Box 26153

Phone No.: +256 (0)414378927; +256 (0)777823815
Fax No.:
Contact person: Kakooza Isaac


Sid Child Care Foundation (SCCF) is a community based organization (CBO), non-sectarian, non-political charitable organization that focuses on HIV/AIDS, orphans, youth, people with disabilities (PWD), widows, promotion and protection of children rights. It was formed in May 2009 and fully registered in 2011.

SCCF mission is working together for development of social and economic progress of different communities through vocational training, entrepreneurship skills training, psycho-social support and creating income generating activities.

The organization has got two major objectives and these are:
• To establish a strong institution for equipping youth, women, men and people with disability (PWDs) with computer skills through training in information communication and technology.
• To start up and establish orphanages together with schools, libraries, hostels, recreation centre and such other facilities designed for the well being of orphans.

Program activities:
Sid Child Care Foundation (SCCF) is devoted to providing a strong future for vulnerable children, irrespective of their backgrounds, beliefs and identities. SCCF aim to achieve this in the following ways:
• To promote information communication and technology
• To provide free formal education and vocational training skills for youth and disadvantaged groups.
• To provide homes and placements for children in need of care and protection due to social and economic effects of HIV/AIDS and poverty.
• To provide counseling and career guidance to orphans, youth and people infected and affected with HIV/AIDS and poverty.
• To provide these orphans and needy children in Kampala and other districts with the basic necessities, e.g. good education, health, clothing, shelter and accommodation.

SCCF is interested in TB because TB in most cases result to HIV/AIDS and that is why SCCF is dealing with HIV/AIDS victims and therefore SCCF wishes to create awareness, treatment and care of TB patients.
SCCF is conducting/ planning to do the following for TB control:
• SCCF is carrying out counseling and career guidance to youth, people affected and infected with HIV/AIDs through community mobilization.
• SCCF carries out referral of HIV/AIDs and TB patients for treatment to the nearest government Health Centers.
• Empowerment of HIV/AIDs and TB victims.
• Providing psychosocial support

Kakooza Isaac is the Executive Director of the Sid Child Care Foundation (SCCF).

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