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umdenken - Politisches Bildungswerk

Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Hamburg

Kurze Str. 1
20355 Hamburg

Phone No.: +49 (0)40/3895270
Fax No.: +49(0) 40/3809362
Contact person: Heuer, Karin


In 1984, "umdenken - Politisches Bildungswerk, Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Hamburg e.V." (changing one's view - political educational institute, Heinrich-Böll-Foundation Hamburg, registered association) was founded out of the green alternative spectrum as an "association for labour, environment and culture". Since then, "umdenken" as the regional educational institute of the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation of Hamburg has been offering political education in different organizational form closely relation to the green party. Now as before, "umdenken" understands itself as a place of critical company and further development of social processes and questions around the green project. Educational work as an encouragement for ciritical, independent action as well as commitment are the centre of attention.

"umdenken" stands up for a society which is in motion and in which the discussion and interference are more important than authoritarian decisions, with drawal and lack of interest. Only those people who are informed and who feel safe can interfere constructively. With its programmes, the immense offer of "umdeknen" takes account of this fact.

It is about education for the lasting development, sightseeing tours of the city of Hamburg, ecological interrelations, the life as children, women or men in this society, conflict training or press and public relations work.

The objective is always to strengthen and enlarge the capabilities of the participants to interfere and to convince (alone or in the group) in society, in the company and in private life.

"umdenken" offers educational work orientated towards actions and processes, which communicates knowledge and historical causalities and which combines cognitive, creative, emotional and intuitive learning. "umdenken" promotes the political and personal development, because in the long run one of them cannot do without the other. "umdenken" combines local and global aspects of the subjects of educational policy and with the cross-section tasks democracy of sexes, migration and future-compliant acting it anchored central questions for itself in all fields of work. "umdenken" develops offers referring to the following main issues:

Democracy of sexes, culture of dominance, political management, town development, ecology/lastingness/globalization, power and democracy.

Karin Heuer is working for "umdenken" as a manager and expert on educational matters.

For other net participants we can arrange for up-to-date specialist information and contacts in the field of the educational work described above.


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