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Kinder Raising Voices e.V.

Bergstraße 32
31137 Hildesheim

Phone No.: +49 5121 43955; +256 779 63 57 06
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Contact person: Katja Rohde Lule


In Germany, in addition to the charity "Kinder Raising Voices (KRV)", a club with the same name, "Kinder Raising Voices e.V.", was established in 2009 in order to help our organization here in Uganda financially. On the one hand, we receive monthly donations from our members and on the other hand, there are always different events that are carried out by volunteers, such as selling coffee and cake at festivals, the sale of our home-made jewelry, flea market sales, collecting donations on birthdays and much more.

The children´s charity "Kinder Raising Voices" (KRV) was founded by Katja Rohde Lule, certified social worker, and was born from the idea to provide disadvantaged and homeless children in Uganda a better future through education. She is supported in her work by Nathan Rohde Lule. In February 2009, this idea to start our charity was put into action. We started in Kawempe, a suburb of the capital Kampala, with five children who were able to attend school due to our support. We started with several smaller projects, such as chicken farming, crafts and painting.

Our goal is to ensure that the children develop into competent individuals who are able to master the tasks and challenges life presents.
We want to heighten awareness of the rights children have and thus help to protect children from the effects of poverty and violence. Through the establishment of KRV we made it our task to give hope, specifically to disadvantaged families in Kampala, and to provide a better future for these children.
By living together in a family-like community and through the many leisure activities we offer to the group, the children are exposed to a safe and secure environment this provides and learn to trust those who are responsible for caring for them. Particularly bearing in mind the difficult situations the children have had to deal with, the development of trust and integration into our community are a very important part of our work.

Creative weekend for developing a sense of community and for the creative promotion of the individual:
• Sports / leisure activities
• Manufacture of paper and jewelry
• Craft offers
• Painting and drawing courses
• Chicken farming and vegetable growing
• Building an orphanage in Kampala
• Establishment of a hospital ward
• Public relations work in socially deprived areas
• Parents/prevention work

Katja Rohde Lule is the Chairman and the Founder of Kinder Raising Voices (KRV) e.V..

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