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Contact person: Felix Schröder


The Provisions Campaign, founded in January 2015, is an innovative online communication tool by which sustainable provisions (food, clothing, cosmetics, building materials etc.) can be offered at fair prices to individuals and groups direct from the producer. At the same time, we support other sustainability projects which offer an approach to solving global problems. Our first product was Greek olive oil produced by small farmers from the Kalamata region. It is produced by traditional methods – using no artificial fertilizers or chemical sprays.

"Four Pillars Concept" of the Provisions Campaign:
• Humaneness
• Sustainability
• Direct marketing
• Transparency

The Provisions Campaign embraces a philosophy that combines various innovative and integrated projects. It is very important to understand the connections between spirituality and materialism and the cycles of nature – to understand them, and to close the gap if the cycle is broken. Thus the main purpose of the Provisions Campaign is to find (or reinstate) a balance in ecosystems, between groups of people and nature.

The Provisions Campaign is a tool which enables producers to sell their sustainable and non-perishable products directly to the consumer. By provisions, we mean food, clothing, fitments, medicines, building materials etc. - in fact everything necessary for providing a basis for a good life. At the same time, the Provisions Campaign works on the basic principle that fresh produce should be produced locally, for example in your own garden or in community projects, under the motto "regional and seasonal". We support projects that follow this approach.

The "profits" of the organisation are initially used to build up the synergy between producers and consumers throughout Europe: to complete the cycle locally and to gradually adjust the purchasing and selling prices to their real value. When buying food through the Provisions Campaign, part of the amount will be paid into a "project account". These sums are then available for financing and implementing various projects.
• The widescale reintroduction of industrial hemp (as foodstuff, building material, fibre for textiles etc,)
• Reafforestation according to Viktor Schauberger and Fuluoka (here we refer to the "green belt" of Europe, stretching from Spain to Iran).
• large-scale clearing of plastic waste from the beaches and countryside in Europe.
• Research into alternatives to petroleum-based plastics for food packaging and as an alternative to moulded products in technical applications.
• Support and maintenance of regional seed banks
• Public relations, promotion of global issues and networking of local and small organisations who are working on solutions to the problems.

Felix Schröder is the founder of the Provisions Campaign.

On request, we can offer other net participants overnight accommodation. In addition, we can provide contacts in the field of foodstuffs. By means of the Provisions Campaign, the demand for the demand for high quality and fair trade foods can be covered - even in very remote locations.


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