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Paso Pacifico

Making connections for conservation

PO Box 1244 ; 872 E. Front St., Suite 200
CA 93002-1244 Ventura
United States

Phone No.: +1 (805) 643-7044
Fax No.:
Contact person: Sarah M. Otterstrom


Founded in 2005, Paso Pacífico´s mission is to restore and conserve the natural ecosystems of Central America´s Pacific slope by collaborating with landowners, local communities and involved organizations to promote ecosystem conservation.

Paso Pacifico envisions a Central America where well-managed conservation areas are connected by viable biological corridors that span from ridge to reef, including restored tropical dry forests and marine protected areas.

Through programs informed by the most cutting-edge conservation science and implemented through close cooperation with local communities, Paso Pacifico is making leaps for ecosystem conservation. By rebuilding forests and connecting ecosystems from land to sea, we are actively combating climate change and saving wildlife, such as endangered sea turtle, spider monkey, and yellow-naped parrot species.

In working towards its vision, Paso Pacifico empowers communities to develop more sustainable livelihoods in eco-tourism, fishing, agriculture, and natural resource management; advances women and children as environmental leaders; and develops strong, collaborative relationships with private landowners and the private sector. With our holistic, forward-thinking approach, Paso Pacifico is making connections for conservation.

Working areas:
• Deforestation & Climate Change
• Endangered Wildlife
• Marine Degradation
• Poverty

Our Program Areas
Conservation programs:
• Reforestation & Restoration
• Coastal Conservation
• Private Reserves
• Climate Change Mitigation
Science programs:
• Conservation Science: Ecosystems
• Research Science: Umbrella Species
• Applied Science: Agriculture & Rural Development
Education programs:
• Environmental Education
• Community Outreach
• Geotourism: Sharing Nicaragua´s Natural Beauty & Culture

Sarah M. Otterstrom is the Executive Director at Paso Pacífico.

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