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Ezidische Akademie e.V.

Schulenburger Landstr. 150
30165 Hannover

Phone No.: +49(0) 152 03118997
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Contact person: Hatab Omar


The Jezidi Academy, founded in 2009, has brought together a cosmopolitan group of people who are concerned about the destiny of the people of Jezidi faith, scattered throughout the world, and who involve themselves, historically and politically, with the current situation of Jezidi communities, who are a persecuted minority in their home countries.

We have several aims:
• to further the cohesion of the Jezidis, both regionally and nationally, by means of a weekly forum and other events.
• to lead the Jezidi minority out of their partial social isolation by means of weekly forums and working groups, and other events.
• to carry out publicity work (e.g. Information events in various places)
• to foster and discuss their cultural and religious heritage. This includes the publication of the “Jezidi Academy News” and the expansion of the Jezidi library as a place of intercultural dialogue.
• to work on the problem of the biculturalism of Jezidi families. Our approach: to support parents (language advancement and orientation in society) so that alongside school education, their children are helped to integrate.
• to support Jezidis who have problems with the authorities, such as in the field of asylum law.
• to strengthen the role of women in Jezidi families and to help them to integrate into society (e.g. In the context of work, study etc).
• to enforce human rights in the Jezidis' home countries.

• Asylum support in Lower Saxony: In addition to programs for monitoring and support, our particular aim is to promote everyday life skills. To this end we offer interesting German literacy courses free of charge, taught locally by qualified teachers with many years of experience. We offer confidential advice, based on each person's personal situation, in various areas. The Jezidi Academy complements this advice with appropriate support and guidance.
• Counselling and translation services: We offer advice on working through conflicts and other personal problems – excluding medical ones.
• Workshops and classes: e.g. Working group “Migration and Education”, “Women's Rights in Religious Minoroties”, language courses, music lessons.
• Publications
• Jezidi library

Hatab Omar is the president of the Jezidi Academy.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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