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World-Life-Organisation e.V. - WLO

Hochkreuzstr. 2
5310 Mondsee

Phone No.: +43 (0)6232-27699
Fax No.: +43 (0)6232-4427
Contact person: Mailinger, Herbert


The work of the World Life Organization is determined by three essential elements: the initiation, financing and organization of projects which have to be selected and carried out according to "economic-logical ®" principles. The projects are carried out with the assistance of pupils and students under the guidance of experts. As a consequence, they are already working for our future practically and environmentally orientated. Thus, the term lastingness becomes understandable.

The objectives of the WLO are:
- Positive development of the environment from economic and social points of view
- Creation of a platform for "economic-logical ®" activities (12 scopes of projects: bioenergy, public finance, research and development, leisure time and tourism, trade, art and culture, food, logistic, people & health, production, raw materials and technology)
- Development of an eco-tourism
- Procuring of services and products (profitable earnings for companies and private persons)
- National and international application of the WLO and its activities
- Achievement of implementation strength due to a high number of members
- Achievement of a high social acceptance.

- The biggest project of the WLO at the moment is eco-diving at the Attersee ( Essentially it consists of a regional development for the are around the Attersee (9 communities) including the target groups divers and their families with main emphasis on economy, ecology and society. 12 pupils from two schools of the region are cooperating. One tourist school from Albania is integrated as well. The objective is to give information to the responsible tourist company in Albania which is pointing the way ahead with regard to eco-tourism.
- Further reaching projects are among others: Integration of people with spezial needs (disabled persons) within the framework of the current project, transfer of the project to further regions at home and abroad

Herbert Mailinger is president of the World Life Organization e.V..

We would like to inform net participants about our work and concerns. In case of need we arrange for specialist contacts. We are particularly happy if you get in touch with us.


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