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Stimmen der Tiere e.V.


Deddeborg 1
26844 Jemgum

Phone No.: +49 (0)15788073944; +49 (0)4958-910504
Fax No.: +49 (0)4958-910441
Contact person: Kai Jesiek


“Voice of the Animals” was founded in 1995 and is an animal rights organisation, with a sanctuary for animals of every kind and origin.
Our Principles and Objectives:
• To link animal welfare and animal rights and to enforce both. Also the strict and literal enforcement of the Animal Welfare Act in relation to any person, institution, organization, association or authority, using any means available to us
• To recognise the equality of all non-human animals of any kind, breed and origin
• To abolish hunting, factory farming, the fur and leather industry and animal experiments
• To combat the exploitation of nonhuman animals by humans
• To promote the vegetarian and vegan lifestyles and implement them
• To carry out public relations work and cooperate with other organizations and associations, regionally, nationally and internationally
• To detect and address grievances regarding the detriment of non-human animals
• To support other projects and organizations in their work, regionally, nationally and internationally
• To expand our sanctuary and our pony farm
• To take in animals of all species and breeds from emergency situations.
• Anyone who engages in club activities or acts on behalf of the association, is to comply with the vegetarian way of life and to outwardly convey it.

Our work:
• The protection and enforcement of all rights of animals
• The elimination of grievances regarding the detriment of animals
• Taking in and caring for animals in emergency situations
• The promotion of animal welfare in housing animals and in dealing with them
• Participation in the coordination of all actions to improve the infrastructure for animal welfare and animal husbandry
• Informing the public about animal welfare concerns and grievances through information stands, protest actions, conferences and other events
• working closely with other animal welfare organizations and giving active support for their projects

Kai Jesiek is the president of “Voice of the Animals”.

On request we can offer other net participants overnight accommodation. We can also give advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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