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VIA - Verband für Interkulturelle Arbeit

VIA Bundesgeschäftsstelle

Am Buchenbaum 21
47051 Duisburg

Telefon: +49-(0)203-728.428.2
Telefax: +49-(0)203-728.428.3
Adresse e-mail:via@via-bund.de
Interlocuteur: Soremsky, Heinz

Les Thèmes

VIA e.V. is an umbrella organization for associations, groups and initiatives from Germany who are active in migrants and refugee work. All over Germany more than 100 organizations are organized in the VIA. VIA e.V. stands up for a democratic and peaceful living together of people of different backgrounds, religion and culture.

VIA e.V. sees itself as a German partner for other democratic organizations in Europe.

Priorities of work:

- Further education (seminars, conferences, courses)
- Public relations work / public formation of opinions
- Political speaker of the member groups
- Representation of the member groups in committees of parties, associations, authorities, locally, all over Germany and Europe
- Networking and support of the member groups
- Realization of projects against racism, hostility to foreigners, discrimination and intolerance in cooperation with national and international partners.

We can give advice to other net participants in the fields of anti-racism, migration, refugees, give lectures and arrange for up-to-date specialist information and establish contacts.


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