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Naturschutzbund NÖ

Natur erleben, verstehen, schützen

Mariannengasse 32/2/16
1090 Wien

Phone No.: +43 1 402 93 94
Fax No.: +43 1 402 93 94
Contact person: Margit Gross


The “Austrian Nature Protection Society, Lower Austrian Group” (abbreviated to Lower Austrian Nature Protection Society) was registered as a non-profit organisation in 1960. It focusses on protecting the environment in Lower Austria, under the motto “Think globally, trade locally”. A primary concern is concentrating on our local area and cooperating with other organisations. We are part of the Austrian Nature Protection Society which has been operating since 1913.

The Lower Austrian Nature Protection Society is concerned with nature study, the conservation of nature and wildlife, environmental and landscape protection. In particular, it takes into account the preservation of the countryside as a recreation area.

• Treasures owned by the Lower Austrian Nature Protection Society: one strategy for the protection of special areas is to purchase them.
• Action "Buying up nature"
• Sponsorship of plots of land.
• Care assignments: many valuable natural assets are threatened by extensive land use. They become overgrown. We try to counteract this by voluntary maintenance activities.
• Excursions with expert guides.
• Club outings to natural and cultural sights over the border.
• Activities to avoid negative interventions: The Nature Protection Society tries to raise awareness of nuisances, to demand that the authorities deal with them, and above all to see that they carry out their legal duties.

• Network biotope maintenance: dedicated people working for Lower Austria's natural treasures.
• Protection of amphibians on our roads: tackling the mass road deaths.
• Ground squirrel action plan: for the protection of our native steppe rodents.
• The lynx in forested areas: a big cat returns.
• T-Shirt competition yellow-bellied toad: creativity required.
• Enjoy nature – protect nature: wine from vineyards friendly to ground squirrels.
• GreenNet: campaigning for an ecological network in the Green Belt of Northern Europe.
• The field hamster II: more tolerance for a defensible, but now rare, steppe rodent.
• Alpenbock II: for more dead wood both in forests and open country.
• Dry and semi-dry grassland in the thermal region of Lower Austria: protection and maintenance of valuable habitats.
• Nest Aid: to protect birds and aid birdwatching.
• Lower Austrian Green Belt: diverse habitats on the border
• Protection and preservation of valuable habitats: for diverse fields and meadows.

Margit Gross is the president of the Lower Austrian Nature protection Society.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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