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TOKOL e.V. - The Other Kind Of Live

Neue Straße 43
21073 Hamburg

Telefon: +49 (0)38485-20709
Adresse e-mail:vorstand@tokol.de
Interlocuteur: Jochen Bantz

Les Thèmes

TOKOL is a society for people with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and /or giftedness and for their families. TOKOL stands for "The Other Kind Of Life".

The objective of the society is the promotion of science and research, education and upbringing and youth aid in relation to ADHD, Asbergers autism and giftedness.

These objectives are realised::
re. science and research:
• by planning, organising and carrying out scientific studies, lectures and symposia.
re. education, upbringing and youth aid:
• by maintaining an internet platform for the exchange of information amongst those affected, their families, and experts in the field, as well as informing the public about ADHD, Asbergers autism and giftedness.
• by offering parents training, coaching and other advice.
• by organising leisure activities for children and young people, especially those disadvantaged by ADHD or Asbergers autism.
• by organising leisure activities focussing on informing and educating people about the range of ADHD and Asbergers autism, with and without giftedness.
• by supporting self-help groups and those seeking help.

• TOKOL campaigns for more acceptance and better integration of sufferers. An important concern for our society is therefore the networking of people with similar interests and experiences. By education and by offering targeted information, we hope to achieve more understanding for sufferers' needs as well as opportunities for meaningful advancement and aid. TOKOL's projects are implemented by people who are directly or indirectly affected.
• TOKOL's internet presence has no advertising and is free of charge. It offers a wealth of important information and enables contact between like-minded people. Apart from the numerous forums, offering personal exchanges, the portal has an archive of press and specialist articles, as well as a data bank of many useful documents.
• TOKOL runs several advice centres and helps people to find doctors, therapists, self-help groups and other available support. Parallel to this, TOKOL organises talks for children and young people, but also for adults, Apart from explaining and informing, the emphasis is on common experiences. TOKOL now provides meeting points throughout Germany.
• The TOKOLive holiday activities and the TOKOLive family activities provide opportunities for people to come together for recreation and development.

Jochen Bantz is the president of TOKOL.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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