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proLoka Austria

Platform for Exchange

Defreggerstraße 18
6020 Innsbruck

Phone No.: +49 151 51836352
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Contact person: Andreas Daniel Matt


proLoka is a project platform and network to exchange knowledge and competences between people, institutions and cultures. This exchange seeks to improve quality of life and personal development of everyone involved in the projects. The exchange of knowledge and competences takes place in form of projects set in different fields. The superior fields at the moment are medicine, culture and civilisation, technology and trainings. proLoka is a non profit orginisation and registered as a NGO in Austria.

The name proLoka is based on two words of the languages Latin and Sanskrit. "pro" meaning "for" and "loka" equivalent to "the world" represents the overall goal of our projects: to contribute meaningful activities to this world.

Health - Projects about Research & Exchange
• Basic Health Unit Shamshatoo: In cooperation with our partner in Pakistan, Hope´87, proLoka runs an ambulance in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province in North Western Pakistan. Once the building is complete, we will equip the ambulance with staff and medical tools and a pharmacy will provide medicine to the people.
• EISLP: Determinating factors for the susceptibility and the clinical course of invasive infectious with Salmonella and Leishmania
Solidarity - Projects about participatory development cooperation
• 1000 Euro Idea - Ideas Competition: Imagine having 1000 Euro and the task to use it to realize a project "simple but meaningful, somewhere close or far away" while making sure that yourself and all beneficiaries learn something.
• Direkthilfe - Your Personal Donation Network: The idea behind Direkthilfe (Direct Help) is to create a donation platform based on personal networks to finance projects. These projects are self-initiated or carried by or in co-operation with partner organizations.
Culture & Civilisation - Projects about Mediation, Exchange & Participation
• 60 Years of Pakistan Festival in Vienna
• Kampl is planting, Kampl is dancing - Event in Stubaital
• CANCHAS - all about Soccer Fields and their Human Side
• DANKA - Lahore´s First Cultural Events Guide
• cooltur - youth & art project
Education & Work - Projects about Research, Exchange & Participation
• Research project Volunteering Across Europe: The goal is to get an overview of the volunteer work done within the 27 European countries.
• UNICEF- School Improvement Booklet, Pakistan
• Hope 87 – cooperation: Education program for women, Pakistan
• Service Abroad in Pakistan
• Education for sustainable Development, Austria
• Participatory research with/about children, Austria

Andreas Daniel Matt is a member of the Executive Board of proLoka.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.


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