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Natürliche Ökonomie für weltweiten Wohlstand und Frieden in Harmonie mit der Natur

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74653 Künzelsau

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Contact person: Bernd Hückstädt, Margret Baier


Gradido – the Natural Economy of Life – is a monetary and economic model patterned on nature and hence a way to worldwide prosperity and peace in harmony with nature. Money is created without debt by every person (money creation through life).

Gradido provides

- an active basic income for every person,
- a debt-free national budget for every country
- an additional Equalisation and Environmental Fund for decontaminating the environment

Through the cycle of growth and decay Gradido is a self-regulating system that keeps the money supply and thus prices stable. The gentle equalization of the hitherto poor countries and the industrialised nations promotes peace. The Natural Economy of Life is a result of economic bionics research. Nature has functioned for four and a half billion years. If we act in harmony with the laws of nature, we will experience worldwide prosperity and peace.

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