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Futouris e. V.

die Nachhaltigkeitsinitiative

Schicklerstrae 5
10179 Berlin

Telefon: +49 (0) 30 278 90182
Telefax: +49 (0) 30 2759 3654
Adresse e-mail:inga.meese@futouris.org
Interlocuteur: Inga Meese

Les Thèmes

Since 2009, Futouris e.V. is committed to work together with its members worldwide towards improved living conditions, the preservation of biodiversity, environmental protection and prevention of climate change. The founders and members of Futouris are international companies from the tourism industry. Together with a global network of experts and local organisations the members develop new projects.

Futouris is committed to foster sustainable developments at home and abroad. Projects generally involve construction and infrastructure measures as well as activities for awareness raising and sensitisation on sustainability issues, and educational matters. The projects aim to bring forward processes fostering sustainability processes worldwide and to serve as role model in the tourism industry. Futouris operates in the following areas:

• Environmental protection and climate protection;
• Preservation of cultural heritage;
• Preservation and strengthening of cultural identities;
• Encouraging increased international understanding, intercultural exchange, tolerance and compliance with human rights;
• Facilitation of local economic development within the framework of development cooperation as well as provision of support in the process of creating fair labour conditions, skills development and participation;
• Preservation of biodiversity and measures for species conservation as well as sensitisation measures to actively promote the protection of resources;
• Development of innovations and pilot initiatives fostering sustainability;
• Facilitation and implementation of scientific events and research projects as well as placing research assignments within the framework of the operational areas mentioned above

Current projects:
Socio-cultural Responsibility:

• Wilderness-Tracker, Namibia: The project aims to transfer indigenous knowledge and traditions of the Khwe (San bushmen) across generations
• Industry-Project KaZa TFCA – Sustainable Lodges: This project aims to create an obligatory standard for all sustainable-operated lodges in the KaZa region
• New Life for old traditions, Turkey: This project aims to support on the one hand the preservation of the traditional felt handicraft in Tire and on the other hand to further prevent the population decrease through young people moving away

Protection of environment and climate:

• Sustainable land excursions, Baltic sea area: The project partners aim to develop standards for sustainable land excursions for the cruise industry based on the case of cruises in the Baltic Sea area
• Water footprint, Rhodes: Development of “water footprints” of 12 Rhodes-based hotels to increase understanding of the direct and indirect water consumption and implementation of water-saving measures
• Tropical forest guardians II, Cuba: The aim of this project is to facilitate a range of reforestation measures (first project phase) as well as improving the living conditions of the community living in the surroundings of the national park (second project phase)

Conservation of biodiversity:

• Organic Farmers Market, Thailand: The aim of the project is to protect the local flora and fauna by promoting organic farming in the region of Pranburi
• Coral Conservation in Curaçao: The aim of the project is to protect and restore endangered coral species together with the SECORE foundation and the project sponsor TUI Cruises
• Conservation of almond blossoming, Majorca: The aim of the project is to preserve the species-diversity and the different cultivation techniques of almonds on the Spanish Island Majorca

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.


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