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ZEIT!RAUM, Verein für soziokulturelle Arbeit

Sechshauser Str. 68-70
1150 Wien

Phone No.: +43 1 892 74 00-27
Fax No.: +43 1 892 74 00-16
Contact person: Sophia Walcher


Zeit!Raum is a social profit organisation which was founded in 1995. Following the positive impact of education for leisure among children and young people, Zeit!Raum has broadened its field of work in social science research, to cover caring for asylum seekers and refugees, intergenerational and community oriented work, the education of young children, the welfare of children and young people, work for international projects and in the fields of culture and the media.
The core of our work consists of gender and integration projects, a kindergarten, an after-school care club, support measures for families, international development projects in Africa and Central America etc., together with carrying out EU projects.

Our work
• Zeit!Raum aims to achieve the opening of freely available TIME frames and the provision of social SPACE in the public and private lives of people who lack these aspects of time and space due to their personal life situations and histories.
• Zeit!Raum fights to overcome personal and, in reality very often societal, deficits as a precondition for a happy and healthy life for everyone.
• Zeit!Raum creates opportunities for communication, sport, counselling, leisure, culture, education and memories in private and public space.
• Zeit!Raum works on supporting people through socio-scientific research, working with children and young people, helping families, integration projects, kindergartens, language courses, refugee projects, development cooperation, culture projects, health programs, promoting democracy and participation and much more.
• Zeit!Raum sees its mission as conveying a positive and constructive climate in society, by enabling the people who take part in its programs to have access to things which they would otherwise not have.
• Zeit!Raum stands for solidarity, justice, tolerance and democracy.

Zeit!Raum Austria projects:
• Accompanying visits
• North-South cooperation development work
• Anton-Brenner house museum
• kindergarten fun&care
• “Tempus” care and integration of refugees
• Statistical evaluation of mother tongue lessons
Zeit!Raum Vienna projects:
• Outreaching work with children and young people in the 15th district
• maintenance of parks and open spaces in the 22nd district
• "Gemmas an" sponsorship project
• FEEL GOOD health care
• residential community for underage refugees

Sophia Walcher is responsible for media and publicity work in Zeit!Raum, society for sociocultural work.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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