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Lebenshilfe für verwaiste Hunde

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Adresse e-mail:dogworld@t-online.de
Interlocuteur: Thomas Baumann

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On 21st Oktober 2008, after considerable planning,Thomas and Ina Baumann established the animal protection society “Dogworld Trust” to support homeless dogs. The organisation is based in Großbeeren (Brandenburg) near Berlin.

The purpose of the Trust is to advance animal welfare. This is achieved in particular by supporting animal Homes and similar institutions. This involves staff training and supervision in the handling of dogs. The supervision and training projects include:
• general improvement in the living and care conditions in kennels
• specialist training programmes for employees and volunteers in kennels, by competent dog trainers and behaviour advisers.
• construction of training centres for expert supervision and support for workers in kennels throughout German-speaking countries.
• encouraging the keeping of dogs in appropriate social groups or packs, avoiding keeping them singly, which is against their nature.
• improvement of living conditions in kennels by optimising the use of capacity and employment, particularly when time and/or space are limited.
• optimising the prospects of finding new owners, by behaviour transparency (behaviour analysis) and, in individual cases, by therapeutic measures.

• Carrying out behaviour analysis by the Committee, to optimise a dog's chances of placement.
• Planning new training programmes for workers in animal Homes or animal protection schemes and modifying existing ones.
• Regular presentation and advertising of the Dogworld Trust on Facebook.
• Comprehensive rebuilding and modernisation of the feeding kitchen in Homes for elderly dogs, eg. by building in cupboards and various white goods (dishwasher, electric stove etc.)
• Organising sponsorships for the elderly dogs of the Dogworld Trust, issuing sponsorship contracts and certificates, with a positive response.
• In 2010 we launched a “sheltered accommodation” scheme for orphaned or needy elderly dogs. There are always several “senior citizens” living in our kennels, whose great social demands we can satisfy, at least in part. The "Oldies" have become part of our lives and we a part of theirs. A situation we would no longer wish to do without.

Thomas Baumann is a founder member of the Dogworld Trust.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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