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Concern Health Education Project (CHEP)

Bola Junction, La Municipality

Phone No.: +233 243044732; +233-200578464; +233-262154924
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Contact person: Isaac - Ampomah


The Concern Health Education Project (CHEP), founded in 2004, is a legally registered NGO in Ghana. The objectives of CHEP is in the area of Health Advocacy, Promotion and Education among the youth population through Volunteer related programs,

The NGO also engages through Human Rights Advocacy, Environmental Rights and climate change issues in a participatory youth/child action approaches and informal learning to provide the cutting edge to problem solving.

The three primary objectives of Concern Health Education Project are:
• to empower community volunteering towards the full attainment in their projects
• to engage policy makers and policy enforcers in dialogue with the communities and to catalyze participatory approaches on health issues, environment, human rights and good governance.
• to promote and encourage active citizenship towards community development and well-being.

What we do
• Health advocacy: Activities as Malaria, TB, reproductive health/HIV Aids, maternal health, child health, water, hygiene and sanitation, Hepatitis B, health infrastructure
• Community education/development: We ensure community outreaches, recruitment of community volunteers, household survey on social issues and participatory lobbying programs; Stakeholder visit on development issues in community setting as well as the promotion of good lifestyle and social infrastructures
• Volunteer/internship programs: We admit both foreign and local interns to undertake community programs in all our interventions.
• Human Rights - Right base issues/Governance: We are collaborating with the commission on Human Rights and administrative justice in Ghana through the Ghana Human rights NGO´s Forum, also we are collaborating with the Municipal Assembles in Ghana to ensure transparency and accountability programs. Right to health services and education
• Environment/Climate change: We are working closely with EPA education unit to promote the awareness and adaptation programs on climate change by encouraging young persons to plant trees and also providing a platform for learning on environmental issues, water, sanitation and hygiene as well as advocating for policy changes.

• HIV/AIDS campaign
• Malaria campaign
• Tuberculosis
• Hepatitis B outreach programs in the Northern Ghana with Vodafone world of difference

Isaac Ampomah is the Executive Director/CEO of the Concern Health Education Project (CHEP).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.


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