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Verein wendepunkt - Frauen für Frauen und Kinder

Neunkirchnerstraße 65a
2700 Wiener. Neustadt

Phone No.: +43 (0)2622/825 96
Fax No.: +43 (0)2622/825 96-5
Contact person: Elisabeth Cinatl


“Turning point” was founded in 1991 by women in Neustadt, Vienna.

Our objectives are fair living conditions for women, the promotion of holistic health for women, the development of new life prospects and a positive self-image for women.

“Turning point” campaigns for equal opportunities for women in society and against violent assaults on women and their children.
• We offer active assistance and protection for women and their children who have suffered violence.
• We support and advise women with a variety of problems and in various life circumstances. Our advice might be psychosocial, legal, educational and/or psychotherapeutic. .
• We provide psychotherapy specifically aimed at women, as well as “psychotherapy on a sickness certificate”.
• We carry out research into the reality of life for women, various forms of violence and its effects on women and children.

What we offer:
• Women's and family advice centre: Turning point's women's and family advice centre has been informing, advising and supporting women since 1992. It offers psychosocial and legal advice.
• Women's refuge: Turning point's women's refuge is in Neustadt, Vienna. Since 1995, it has offered protection and support for women and children who have suffered violence. Our house is open for any woman, irrespective of nationality, religion, age, sexual orientation or income. We offer temporary accommodation to women and children affected by violence, and stand by them in crisis situations. We accompany them on visits to the police, the authorities or to court and support them in their search for accommodation and jobs as well as in practical living questions. The address of the refuge is kept secret, in order to ensure the safety of the women. Only the affected women know it.
• Psychotherapy: “Turning point” offers psychotherapy to any woman who cannot afford the normal fees. Women can talk about their stresses and strains, their problems, in a secure atmosphere. Solutions and new prospects are developed together with an experienced psychotherapist. An essential aspect of our work is the conscious attention to the social conditions in which women are structurally disadvantaged (psychotherapy specifically aimed at women).
• Education: we organise or take an active part in seminars, discussion panels, workshops, further education courses, violence prevention workshops for girls and young women, self-defence courses etc. This contributes towards raised awareness and knowledge.

Elisabeth Cinatl is the business manager of “Turning point”.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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