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Stiftung Media

Salzmannweg 14
70192 Stuttgart

Phone No.: +49 (0)7161 808 39 60; +49 (0)175 974 32 80
Fax No.: +49 (0)7161 808 39 61
Contact person: Jochen Abeling


The Media Trust was founded in 2001 as an incorporated foundation based in Stuttgart, Germany. It arose out of the Media Trust, which had the legal form of a non-profit organisation and had been following the same aims since April 2000.
The Media Trust works on new approaches to social structure, oriented towards the ideal of people being free and responsible for their own lives as well as towards the responsibility for the re-establishment and conservation of a healthy and natural basis of life. For many years the Trust has been working on a wide variety of assignment tasks dealing with social, economic and ecological reorganisation. With these objectives in mind, we work closely together with our partner organisation, the FCE (Fundatia pentru Cultura si Ecologie) in Mediaş, Transylvania, Rumania.

The Trust initiates and supports local citizens' involvement and sustainable projects at home and abroad with the following aims:
• furtherance of cultural variety and intellectual freedom
• furtherance of democratic development at home and abroad and for the consistent observance of human rights
• furtherance of need-oriented and socially responsible economic forms with consistent observance of ecological principles
• beyond this, the Trust is dedicated to encouraging understanding and agreement between peoples and cultures, especially in Eastern Europe.
• we strive particularly, by means of material and ideological help, to strengthen others in their own efforts to reach similar goals for themselves.
• we focus especially on supporting projects in ecological agriculture.

We try to reach our goals by:
• our own scientific research.
• commissioning research
• awarding scholarships and supporting work on degree dissertations
• carrying out seminars and meetings as well as educational and cultural events such as exhibitions and concerts
• compiling and distributing publications
• donations and fund raising for specific projects
• direct and personal support for various non-profit initiatives
• Initiating and founding projects at home and abroad
• cooperation and partnerships
• supporting and working together with the Rumanian partner organisation FCE.

Jochen Abeling is on the Board of Trustees of our affiliated organisation, the FCE “Fundatia pentru Cultura si Ecologie”.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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