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United People

3893 Pasea del Prado
80301 Boulder Colorado

Telefon: +3034494791
Telefax: +3034494791
Adresse e-mail:juhaszj@colorado.edu
Interlocuteur: Juhasz, Joseph

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United People is a grassroots initiative for the adoption of globally acceptable ethical norms regardless of religion, ethnicity, or sex, based on good will, cooperation, and equality and the avoidance of domination, deceit, and exploitation.

It is independent of any governmental organization, religious denomination, or commercial body; accountable to the people of the earth; does not solict funds; and is based on a free association of equals.

We call to people of good will everywhere to agree on a universal basis for moral conduct.

Joseph Juhasz is professor of architecture and environmental design at the university of Colorado and maintains the websites associated with ethics1.org.

He has got many honors and awards from the Americal Psychological Association and some universities. Also he has published in the field of psychology, architecture and environmental design.

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