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Tinnitus-Hilfe e.V.

Moerser Str. 100
40667 Meerbusch-Büderich

Telefon: +49(0)2132 9958993
Telefax: +49(0)2132 9958993
Adresse e-mail:info@tinnitus-hilfe-ev.de
Interlocuteur: Hans Greuel

Les Thèmes

The non-profit organisation “Tinnitus Aid” was founded in 1997, with Ms Karin Peperkorn and Dr Hans Greuel as founder members.

The organisation has a holistic approach, particularly in the treatment of tinnitus, acute hearing loss and Addison's disease.
The organisation looks for ways and means of tackling these conditions, and investigates the effectiveness of treatments to alleviate or cure them.
The organisation informs and advises the public, tinnitus sufferers, doctors, health insurance companies etc. about the causes of tinnitus, successful therapies, healthy lifestyles and eating habits and associated topics.

Our aims:
• Sufferers should be informed as early as possible about the causes and possible treatments, so that they can have a positive influence on their recovery. Our organisation, friends and promoters of self-help through biofeedback can support them and represent their interests.
• The attending doctors should be informed about the causes of tinnitus as well as the latest developments and research into therapies so that they can offer their patients the best possible treatment.
• Health insurance companies in particular should be informed about cost efficient, new and effective self-treatment methods. Therapies and other expedient measures should be added to the list of reimbursable treatments.

The objectives of our organisation are to be attained by providing information and advice and offering support to the above named target groups and especially to friends and promoters of self-help by biofeedback.
This is done through:
the media (e.g. the press, TV, radio, internet) and through reports, interviews, advertisements and other publications, seminars, exhibitions or congresses which we organise or in which we participate, letters and other information sent to health insurers and other health care organisations.

Biofeedback seminars: certain stimuli and information from the sense organs (organ codes)are relayed to the brain, where they are processed and stored.

Hans Greuel is a founder member and vice president of Tinnitus Aid.

On request we can give other net participants a presentation and provide up-to-date information on the subjects of the causes and treatments for tinnitus, acute hearing loss and Addison's disease.


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