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Tierhilfe Chalki e.V.

Dreikönigstr. 7
69117 Heidelberg

Phone No.: 00 49 - 62 21 - 16 76 57; 00 49 - 62 21 - 65 99 427
Fax No.: 00 49 - 62 21 - 16 57 49
Contact person: Maria Laudes-Mäurer


Animal Help Chalki (Tierhilfe Chalki e.V. )is a welfare organization according to the German law, founded 2008.

The Animal Help Chalki is a non-profit association which works for the welfare of animals, especially of cats and dogs on the island of Chalki (Halki)/ Dodekanes. Its members engage themselves in their protection and ethical keeping.

Every year, many animals on the island must die because of illness, malnutrition, injuries or killing actions in winter. Via a yearly letter to every inhabitant of Chalki we inform about the fact that all animals contribute to the ecological balance and perform an important function, which has great importance for the tourism.

Our aims and options
• Protection and ethical treatment of the animals and education of the people.
• Feeding: Securing sufficient food for free living cats in winter and in times of low tourism at protected feeding spots.
• A further aim is the cooperation with the school authorities on the island, in order to familiarize children and adolescents with the idea of animal protection. It is planned to provide the schools with books and information material on this subject. With English books about animals we support English lessons for the school children, we provide learning material about cats and dogs for school lessons.
• Additionally, we intend to put up posters with extracts of the Greek Animal Welfare Act, to remind the inhabitants of Chalki and especially persons in responsible functions of an ethical treatment of the animals.
• Ten wooden dog houses were sponsored by the Animal Help Chalki
• Neutering Program: Wild living cats and dogs will be neutered on a regular basis, in order to prevent uncontrolled procreation and thereby to avoid killing-actions committed by the islanders. The neutered animals will be earmarked accordingly.
• Medical Care: Parasites are a serious problem: Ticks, fleas, worms. There are excellent medicaments on the market, but it is difficult to administer them to wild-living animals. Furthermore, it happens very often that animals are injured and the healing of wounds is impaired because of the heat in summer and the poor nourishment. We plan to establish a central collection-point for items of any kind: food, medicaments against parasites and diarrhea, bandage material, special food for motherless kitten etc. Veterinarians spending their holidays on the island, are asked to look after injured animals or badly-kept farm animals.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.


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