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Verein Selbstbewusst

Verein für Sexualpädagogik und Prävention von sexuellem Kindesmissbrauch

Strubergasse 26
5020 Salzburg

Telefon: +43 / (0) 650 / 2333240
Adresse e-mail:kontakt@selbstbewusst.at
Interlocuteur: Martina Ruemer

Les Thèmes

Victims of sexual abuse often subsequently suffer lifelong physical and psychological damage. That is why the Self - Confidence Society – society for sex education and the prevention of child sexual abuse – has been taking on the task of preventing sexual abuse since its founding in 2004.

• Our aim is to reach as many children, young people and adults as possible, e.g. parents, teachers and multiplicators, with our information events.
•Our society has the objective of strengthening children's self-confidence, so that any possible sexual abuse can be prevented. This is based on our belief that self-confident, strong children are less likely to suffer sexual abuse and/or that if they are affected, they are able to get help more quickly.
• Self reliance, self-confidence, trusting your own feelings and the courage to say “no” when anyone steps over the mark – these are the aims of our prevention work.

We focus on:
• sex education appropriate to the child's age
• strengthening children's self-confidence, to prepare them to deal with behaviour which steps over the mark
• extending their capacity to act and the options open to them in what are difficult and confusing situations for the child
• Information on the strategies perpetrators use

• age-group supervision: the Elixhausen primary school is the first to take up the offer of age-group supervision by the Self-Confidence Society. Over four years the children, parents and teachers are supported by the same workshop leader. In classes 1 to 4, there are workshops, parents' evenings and teachers' further education classes on the subject of sex education and the prevention of abuse.
• Cooperation with the Salzburg Parent-Child Centre.
• International day against child sexual abuse: "Fair play in Sport and Leisure". We show sexual assaults the red card!
• A Salzburg Children's Rights prize! With its prevention project “I'm myself” the Self-Confidence Society won first prize in the 2011 Salzburg Children's Rights Prizes, in the category “Institutions”.
• Love-Peers-Training: a programme to educate peers in the three topics “meeting, falling in love, relationship, lust”, “Your body and contraception” and “Sexually transmitted diseases”.
• Project series “Unique”: workshop for young people (over 12s) to encourage a critical approach to traditional roles, as well as self reliance and individuality.

Martina Ruemer is on the committee of Self-Confidence, society for sex education and the prevention of child sexual abuse.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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